Fitness classes offered here incorporate 3 of the 5 ways to well being. They allow you to ‘Connect’, not only with those around you, but with your own mind and body through Meditations in Yoga or focused determination in HiiT. They get you moving and ‘Active’ at a level that suits you; keeping your body healthy.

Finally they help you to ‘take notice’ of how you are doing, acting as a weekly check-in, whilst the group environment gives you the chance to take notice of how your colleagues are doing, do they need encouragement? Are they showing progress?

Over time we hope these classes give you a balance that allows you to carry your awareness over into everything you do, helping you to make conscious changes to your own environments for the mental benefit of yourself and others.





If you are interested in joining SA Training, with access to a semi-private gym near the centre of Norwich fill out an application and start your journey to greatness.