High intensity interval training (HiiT) is bursts of high energy work interspersed with periods of recovery.

It is designed to challenge your mind and body to near your max efforts. 

As a session designed for all levels your workout is your own, how hard you push is up to you and options to make things easier are given for most exercises. 

A mixture of Tabata and circuit it is the perfect heart rate building class to energise you mid week and promote a healthy body to any level of athlete. 




To many, exercise is an escape. A chance for them to breathe and come back to themselves.
For me training has always been so much more than trying to gain muscle or lose fat.

It’s about developing a confidence and mental resilience that can translate over into your every day life,
that helps you stand strong when the world tries to make you weak.

About making you into the hero you didn’t know you needed.