Personal Trainer in Norwhich

My own journey into personal training started when I went through some turbulent times at the start of 2015. I lost both of my parents, my sister moved abroad and I was stuck in a job I hated.

By mid 2018, I was feeling particularly low, and everything I had bottled up suddenly caught up with me. I needed a release, something had to give or I would.

That’s when I joined a gym and found myself on a treadmill. Those days when I was in the gym lifting heavier and heavier weights were the days my mind stopped and I felt like I could breath again. I slowly started to feel better.

But that wasn’t enough. With the help of a life coach I began to delve into the realms of movement therapy, I started practising meditation through yoga. Eventually the emotional blockage inside me started to give and my life finally started to fall into place.

Personal training continues to excite me, because I have a deep fascination with human anatomy, and how the mind influences everything we can do physically. This profession allows me to continue learning whilst helping people see the potential they have in themselves.

I have experienced first hand the power of training hard combined with learning to be still, and I want others to feel the effects too. If you're feeling just a little lethargic and dispirited or you need someone to hold you accountable, you'll be amazed at what physical training can do for you. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the gym, I want to help you look and feel better through healthy living, eating and exercise.






 Level 3 Personal Trainer

 Les Mills Grit Instructor

 Group Cycle Instructor


Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor (FFY)

 Mindfulness Coach

 Yin Yoga leader





I genuinely care about your physical and mental wellbeing. Having come out of darkness myself I know how important it is to have help and believe that you are worth investing in yourself. I deliberately have a limited number of clients to ensure that I will be able to dedicate my time effectively to each person. Your mental and physical health is crucial to a happy healthy life and I will do everything I can to help you build a better you.




My hybrid programme means you get support throughout the week, and you'll never feel confused or alone, which you might be using a purely online programme. You'll know that your diet, form and lifestyle are correct because I'll be with you on each step of your training journey.


I am very particular about form. It is only through the right form that you will be able to exercise safely and securely. Your health is paramount and I will make certain that you achieve your goals with safe and effective exercise.







The sessions have helped with my PTSD...

Serran is a motivational and inspiring trainer who takes the time to get to know the needs of her client both physically and mentally. As someone who is recovering from PTSD I have found that training with Serran has helped me to mentally slow down whilst physically quickening. This has and is proving invaluable and would not be the case without Serran's own understanding of Mental health needs and the juxtaposition between the physical and mental. Anonymous   |     |  

I have made strength gains and I am setting PBs that I never thought possible! ...

Just finished PT with Serran and I am really pleased with the outcome, before we started the programme we discussed my goals and what I was looking to achieve. Although I have always been regular at the gym I wasn’t making any progress on my own and had gone stale in the gym, my brief to Serran was to utilise all the gym equipment, and focus on technique and posture every session, every rep whilst pushing me to feel the burn! Serran’s calm and structured approach helped to focus on doing the exercises the right way rather than just lifting as much as possible, everything was always quality or quantity. I have made strength gains and I am setting PBs that I never thought possible! With a busy work and family life I can now make my gym time really count Matt B.   |     |  

For a stress-busting, heart thumping personalised workout...

For a stress-busting, heart thumping personalised workout Serran is your strong woman! Rebecca H   |     |  

Serran is so knowledgeable and understanding......

Serran is so knowledgable and understanding, she made me feel welcomed and comfortable whilst training. Very helpful, highly recommend! Reuben L-R   |     |  

I’ve known Serran since she started personal training and I can honestly say she is one of the best PTs I have had....

Being in the RAF I spend a lot of time in the gym training and improving my fitness. I’ve known Serran since she started personal training and I can honestly say she is one of the best PTs I have had. She is very knowledgeable and has given me advice and tips confidently when needed. A few of my friends have also attended a few of her Grit classes with me and they thoroughly enjoyed the sessions as Serran is very patient when coaching whilst also pushing you to do your best no matter what fitness level you are at. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to Improve their fitness and reach their personal best Ollie B.   |     |  

Serran offers exactly what I want......

Serran offers exactly what I want. She listened and created bespoke training that gives everything I asked for. She is supportive and creative. I am recommending her to everyone I know. They are really great, varied sessions that are making me stronger and fitter. I look forward to every session Chris M.   |     |